The RM-Z250 continues to deliver a high level of performance for 2018 by incorporating a variety of features

The RM-Z250 continues to deliver a high level of performance for 2018 by incorporating a variety of features originally created for Suzuki’s factory race machines. The 2018 model receives the same Champion Yellow colour scheme with blue accent styling inspired by the factory MXGP machine.  The RM-Z250’s engine has been refined over the years to offer stellar mid-range power and torque is enhanced while maximum power is maintained. Power delivery is smoother and linear for easier control. Taking features and performance upgrades directly from the Suzuki MX2 and MXGP World Championship factory machines, the 2018 RM-Z250 is ready to excite. Less

Champion Yellow
  • 4-Stroke, 1 Cylinder, liquid-Cooled, DOCH Engine Type
  • 249 cm³ (15.2 cu. in) Displacement
  • 5-speed constant mesh Transmission Type


5-speed constant mesh

5-speed constant mesh


Excel aluminium rims_5cbf6cfdd94fa.jpg
In keeping with the signature design started by the 2018 RM-Z450, the 2019 RM-Z250 maintains Suzuki’s distinctive “Beak DNA” styling. Intended to convey the brand’s heritage of speed in our off-road bikes, the front fender and radiator shroud are arranged to form a straight line, with the sharp and edgy angles expressing a feeling of dynamic speed. Like the RM-Z450, the 2019 RM-Z250 is finished in the Team Suzuki off-road colours of yellow with blue accents, making the RM-Z line-up easily recognisable. And the styling is also highly functional, enabling the rider to shift weight forward or backward effortlessly. 
A newly designed cylinder head combined with intake and exhaust port tuning and crankcase revisions to achieve an approximate 5% increase in output.
More Powerful
The RM-Z250’s fuel injection system now features two injectors. Instead of using a single injector that can compromise low-end fuelling in order to supply enough fuel for top-end power, the primary injector delivers precise low-rpm fuelling while a secondary injector at higher rpm provides the extra fuel needed.
Dual Fuel
Fuel pressure is increased by 17% over the previous model and promotes the effective mixing of air and fuel, resulting in improved throttle response. 
Increased Fuel
The exhaust pipe was lengthened by 99mm, with the internal diameter tapering from ø35mm at the cylinder head to ø45mm at the muffler improving output throughout the RPM range, with bottom-end output most notably improved. 
Longer Exhaust
The RM-Z250’s electronic systems work seamlessly with the rider to get the power to the ground. To maximise traction for conditions, the engine control module (ECM) automatically adjusts ignition timing and fuel injection based on throttle position, engine speed and gear position. 
The new RM-Z250’s S-HAC monitors throttle position and gear position in order to adjust ignition timing for maximum acceleration through the three critical stages of a motocross start: the exact moment of launch, getting over the starting gate, and then powering up the start straight. Three settings are available, with A- mode intended for harder surfaces where controlling wheel spin is paramount, B- mode for normal dirt conditions with good traction, and an “off” setting.
Updated S-HAC
The RM-Z250 is already known as one of the best-cornering motocross bikes available, but we went to work improving it even more for MY19. The frame and swingarm are all new, with the aluminium frame spars changing to a hollow square section that does away with an internal rib, shedding 370 grams while increasing torsional rigidity by 10 percent for better stability and bump absorption. Using a new hydroforming process for the aluminium swingarm permits a tapered cross-section without any welding, making the new assembly just as rigid with thinner walls for a weight loss of 80 grams.
All-New Chassis
The new KYB coil spring fork replaces the previous model's PSF2 air fork. Featuring a unique design that provides a progressive damping setup offering excellent compliance over small bumps while firming up deeper into the stroke to handle bigger hits such as harsh jump landings. Upper and lower triple clamp design has been optimised for rigidity while cutting 60 grams. Out back, the rear suspension linkage ratio has been changed to firm up short stroke movement while optimising longer suspension action for better traction, and is 14.9 grams lighter. The fully adjustable KYB shock has an improved range of adjustment, and a spring with thinner but stronger wire (feedback from MotoGP technology) that is 370 grams lighter than before. 
Premium KYB
Spring Fork and
Rear Shock
In order to increase the RM-Z250’s agility, the engine position was pivoted upward at the rear engine mount by 8.5mm measured at the crankshaft centre. The upper engine mount brackets are now aluminium instead of steel, and rather than four brackets suspending the engine from a single location, the 2019 RM-Z250 has four brackets on both sides of the engine. This not only drops another 90 grams, but also increases overall rigidity.
Fitted as standard equipment , the top-shelf Renthal aluminium Fatbar offers more strength and less vibration than standard size aluminium handlebars.
Rich & Lean Fuel Couplers_5cbf6f89c2c86.jpg
Riders can adjust the engine performance to suit varied track conditions. By plugging in either of two additional fuel-setting couplers, rider scan opt for a richer-than-stock or leaner-than-stock fuel setting to make the most of any riding conditions. Included with the bike, these couplers can be easily plugged in trackside.


Engine Type 4-Stroke, 1 Cylinder, liquid-Cooled, DOCH
Displacement 249 cm³ (15.2 cu. in)
Bore x Stroke 77.0 mm * 53.6 mm
Compression ratio 13.75 : 1
Transmission Type 5-speed constant mesh


Overall Length 2,170 mm ( 85.4 in )
Overall Width 830 mm ( 32.7 in)
Overall Height 1,270 mm ( 50.0 in)
Wheel Base 1,475 mm ( 58.1 in )
Ground Clearance 345 mm ( 13.6 in )
Seat Height 955 mm ( 37.6 in )
Kerb Mass 106 kg ( 234 lbs)


Front Disc
Rear Disc


Front 80/100-21 51M, Tube Type
Rear 100/90-19 57M Tube Type


Front Inverted Telescopic, air spring, oil damped
Rear Link type, coil spring, oil damped


Ignition system Electronic Ignition (CDI)


Fuel tank capacity 6.5 L

    Only for controlled off-road trackunits, cannot be registered under CMVR (Central Motor Vehicle Rule)

    Price inclusive of these accessories Mirror Set & Side Stand.

    Price does not include Extended warranty, Zero Depreciation Insurance and any accessories other than mentioned above.